CLUB SPORTS Fundraising Form

Request Form

This form should be utilized by Club Sports teams only. All other student organizations should fill out the Fundraising/Cash Collection/Solicitation Form found in OrgSync.  

Use this form when requesting permission to: host a table to raise money; collect cash or dues; solicit donations/goods from corporations or local businesses; conduct a collection of goods or items of any kind; etc. This form will be reviewed by Club Sports administrators, and then your program manager, and a determination will be issued on behalf of the Center for Student Involvement. Please allow three weeks for the approval process.

This form must be submitted at least three (3) weeks in advance of your proposed fundraiser. If your event involves solicitation of outside businesses, please submit this form four (4) weeks in advance.

Full Name of Student Organization

No acronyms, please!
Main Contact Person

First and last name
Contact E-mail Address
Please include a proposal for review by the Club Sports Office. This should include: intended funds raised, what funds will be used for, target audience etc.
Contact Cell Phone
Proposed Start Date

If your plans require access to a cash box, please indicate the first date you plan to utilize the cash box.
Proposed End Date
If "other" please explain
Proposed Location

Please refer to the Student Organization Resource Guide for detailed information about approved collection locations. If you would like further guidance, please reach out to your Program Manager for assistance.
Price Range of Items
Type of Collection
Solicitiation of Outside Organizations

Please list all of the businesses that you intend to solicit for funds or goods, if applicable.
Please provide a detailed description of the nature of your fundraiser/collection/solicitation.